How It All Began

About Me:

Welcome to my Lick the Spoon blog! My name is Laurel and I am a home-based food business operator on a journey to discover how to run a dessert shop from my home. I wanted to create this blog to document my journey and to helpfully guide others who want to begin their own home food business, but are unsure of where to begin.

As a young kid, I have always had a passion for baking and making desserts. I was that kid in the kitchen with half of the bowl of brownie batter on my face and half of the batter in the oven. As I grew older, the passion and love for desserts continued to grow and I was constantly trying new recipes and adding my own twists.

The Beginnings of Lick the Spoon:

Lick the Spoon was a name that my friends and I came up with at 14 years old while on a road trip. However, the idea of actually beginning my business only recently came to life. On the way home from a camping trip, a few friends and I began to discuss how we could begin the business without opening up a physical location. We knew that I had to have a unique product and eventually decided that I would create cookie balls. From there I began to experiment to come up with my 6 different flavors and worked to create the perfect shape and size of the cookie balls. The time and effort that has been made so far has already been extensive, exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming, but I am excited to have seen how far I’ve already come and looking forward to seeing the path ahead.