Cookie Ball Flavors

At Lick the Spoon, we have come up with an amazing product that is sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Through much time, effort, and taste tests, we have decided to roll out our six favorite flavors:

Cookie Butter – this is an amazing cinnamon flavored cookie ball that has a nice crunch along with a creamy cookie butter texture.

Cookie Dough – this flavor tastes exactly as the name describes. Chunks of chocolate chip mixed in a creamy cookie dough and covered in chocolate make this flavor have you watering at the mouth.

Oreo – for the Oreo lovers. This is the most simple of the cookie ball flavors but is always a favorite among buyers.

Nutella – this is the richest of all of the cookie ball flavors. Chocolatey Nutella filling with the texture of a chocolate truffle.

Peanut Butter – the combination of peanut butter along with crunchy chocolate cookie is the perfect mixture for those chocolate and peanut butter lovers.

Red Velvet – a mixture of cream cheese and chocolate cookie make this flavor a huge hit.