Coffee Shop Craze


What a month! Lick the Spoon officially launched on July 28th and what a crazy and exciting time it has been. I never realized the amount of work that would go into launching a business, even if it is something as small as a dessert shop, but I learned quickly as I realized the amount of licenses and permits I needed along with a good website and a Facebook page that this would be no walk in the park. Unfortunately, my college classes in engineering served as very little help in understanding what it takes to run a business and my professional life has not provided much guidance to me either.

At the start, I began to take orders from family friends who were curious about the cookie balls. However, this did not seem like it would be solely sustainable, so I decided to pursue coffee shops to see if they would be interested in featuring my cookie balls at their shops so that customers could have a small bite of dessert along with their favorite drink. This is where the real work began. I couldn’t tell you the  number of people I have reached out to, yet the fraction of responses back was truly disappointing. However, each email response that came along with people taking in interest in cookie balls gave me more and more thrill at what Lick the Spoon Desserts can be. The tiniest reply of YUM excites me more than receiving a recognition at my “real” job. It makes me wonder why it took me so long to start this adventure!



I cannot even begin to express the amount of excitement I felt when the deal was completed and I was given the go forward to display cookie balls at Liberation Coffee Co. I am a real entrepreneur; the work may actually be paying off. The excitement and nervousness I felt when brining in the cookie balls and watching the worker place them into the display case stayed with me for the rest of the day. The journey has only begun, but I feel as if I have already come a long way and am excited to see what lies ahead.